Libyan company with limited liability , registered trade register under number : 16432 , was established
In 2010 and based in the city of Tripoli is a leader in the field of protection and safety systems , control and information technology, its primary goal is to satisfy customers and to meet their requirements by providing high -level technical solutions and expertise in advanced process control and protection devices in addition to services
Superior to post-sale .


The company provides a full range of technical expertise and effective solutions in terms of performance and cost And that serve business and focus mainly on the services control and protection systems And the preparation of designs and drawings and put the establishment of studies and providing technical solutions and all Technical consultancy in proportion to the companies and institutions , banks and hospitals And storage warehouses , homes , markets and shops and other

The company also seeks to provide professional IT services with high quality products at competitive prices.
Exceeding customer expectations . Since its founding has been keen to achieve the best level of quality in All services offered .

It is constantly moving forward and to connect with the best manufacturers Products for surveillance systems , security and protection , safety, and service providers .

The company aims to be one of the leading companies in the field of Services Security Systems And information technology in the Libyan market and by providing solutions and services, and engineering Reliable, and employment services , and customer care .

The Company seeks to achieve its mission and vision through the following objectives:

• provide our customers with systems and techniques appropriate to ensure their safety and security .
• provide our customers with the tools and techniques appropriate to facilitate the management of their business.
• Create , update and standardize the infrastructure and information systems for our customers.
• narrowing the gaps between theory and actual application environment .
• Support clients to take advantage of the quality of the performance of their employees.
• enable our customers to create additional value for their business.

As the company since it was founded recently endeavored to prepare the engineering team and Technician with Experiences that have completed a number of projects and business for the benefit of public and private entities , which The company is proud of their abilities and competencies as elements of the Libyan effective in the community to be launched in the implementation of its achievements .

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